The dog is the main reservoir as well as the transmitter of rabies in Sri Lanka. A dog ecology study conducted in 1980s has revealed a dog to human population of 1:8. A dog ecology study conducted during 1996 in meerigama reveals an increased dog population of 1:4………. Further, the study indicates that 20 per cent of the dogs were ownerless. dog population surveys conducted in 2009 and 2010 at Polonnaruwa, kegalle, Gampaha, Matara shows Dog Human population ration is 1:6

During 2009, over 85 percent of animal rabies was reported among dogs. Rabies was confirmed in 58% dog heads examined. Therefore Public Health veterinary service mainly target on prevention of dog rabies and prevention of transmition to human.

Be a responsible pet owner

Have your pet immunized against rabies
Never allow your pet to roam the streets.
Keep your pet clean.
Provide a shelter with suitable space.
Give your pet clean food.

If you are bitten by suspected animal

Washed immediately with soap and water.
Rush to the nearest hospital for the wound to be examined and cleaned.
Get yourself vaccinated against Rabies.
Antimicrobials to be prescribed if necessary.